>> 2.07.2010

We got a beautiful bunch of lemons in our Abundant Harvest order this week. I love lemons. and will eat them raw with a little bit of celtic sea salt, but I was happy to learn from my newslettter that there are many more uses for lemons that I was not aware of! Here are a few:

*If your lettuce has become limp and you want to revive it, squeeze a halved lemon into a bowl of cold water and add the lettuce. Refrigerate the bowl of lettuce for an hour and then dry your lettuce. It should be crisp and ready for a salad!
*Adding a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice to boiling water before adding eggs will make them easier to peel after they are hard boiled.
*Warm or hot water with fresh lemon juice will help flush out your digestive system.
*Warm lemon juice will soothe a sore throat.
*Lemon juice can be used to remove berry stains from your skin, or pine tar from your hands when mixed with a little table salt.
*One cup of milk plus one TBS of lemon juice is a great substitute for buttermilk.
*Run 1/4 cup of lemon juice through your dishwasher on the normal cycle to remove mineral deposits or odors. (This really works, and makes your house smell fresh and lemony as the cycle is running!)
*A quarter cup of lemon juice mixed with water in a spray bottle will remove grease from your countertop, stove, etc.

Other helpful hints: Store lemons in the refrigerator. If you need just a little juice, poke a hole in your lemon and squeeze out the amount you need. The rest will stay fresher longer.

Now I'm off to search for some lemon recipes!



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