Menu Plan Monday ~ Easy & Tasty Sides

>> 5.30.2010

While most of my prep work and time goes into my main dish, I've always appreciated a complimenting side dish.  It's difficult to find time to be creative with my sides so I stick mostly with a steamed veggie or a simple salad.  And as long as my main dish is bold enough in flavor, an easy side actually accompanies it quite nicely.  Almost all of our vegetables that we eat are out of our Abundant Harvest box which sometimes limits the variety of our sides but so far I've heard no complaints at our dinner table. =) 

Check back for recipe and picture links.  Have a great week!
  • Monday: Chicken Kebabs, grilled balsamic artichokes, green salad
  • Tuesday: Spaghetti, steamed sugar snap peas
  • Wednesday: Baked Whole Chicken, roasted potatoes & carrots, Lindsay's Caramel Corn for dessert
  • Thursday: Ground Beef Tacos, soaked black beans
  • Friday: Parmesan Chicken Tenders, basmati rice, green salad
  • Saturday: Chicken Salad sandwiches
  • Sunday: Out of Town

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