Eliminate the "4:30 Scramble"

>> 4.06.2010

 I'm an organizer at heart.  It's not the easiest thing, especially on my family who really doesn't care that I've organized the closet starting with jackets on the left, then sweaters, long-sleeve polos, long-sleeve tee's, short-sleeve polos, and finally, short-sleeve tees on the far right.  My poor husband doesn't understand why I don't want his help hanging up our childrens clothes.  He tries to reason with me that there are a lot of clothes (there are!) and it would go so much faster if he helped (and if I didn't go back through the stuff he's hung up and switch it to the "correct" place). 

Anyway, being organized with my meals is something everyone in my house appreciates.  Not only does it help me stay within my monthly grocery budget, it also eliminates the "4:30 Scramble" to throw something together for dinner.  I've gotten away from consistently planning my weekly meals, usually done on Sunday night, but I'm ready to get back on the ball.  Plan on seeing a Menu Plan Monday post every Monday morning from here on out.  I won't have links to a bunch of my recipes yet, but I'm more than happy to provide them for those who want them.  Here's this weeks menu:
  • Monday: Fried Chicken (left over from Easter), potato-leek soup and grilled balsamic artichokes
  • Tuesday: Chicken Pot Pie (this is a favorite of my 3 boys, and I love to pack it full of fresh organic carrots, celery and peas)
  • Wednesday: Homemade breadcrumb-baked chicken, buttered brown-rice pasta, steamed asparagus
  • Thursday: Grass-fed beef tacos
  • Friday: Organic free-range Chicken fried rice
  • Saturday: Cuban Sea Bass and salad
  • Sunday: Breakfast for dinner night (Blueberry sprouted-flour pancakes and bacon)
For those of you who have also planned your meals this week~ enjoy not having to participate in the "4:30 scramble"! =)

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